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Specialising in modern cloth nappies and accessories, we also stock a wide range of specially selected complementary products including baby carriers, nappy bags, skin care and wellness products, laundry detergents and gifts.

Our focus is on sustainability and finding products we can bring to you that enable us to reduce our impact on the environment.

Most products have been chosen because I have personally used them successfully and want to be able to share them with you!

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New to cloth nappies?

It can be very daunting trying to choose from all the options when you're planning to use cloth nappies. We understand and have been there before!
Feel free to review the information we have on the website, pop into our store, or email if you have more questions.
Before you know it, you'll be an absolute pro, I promise!

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Calm Your Farm Calm Your Farm

The Nude Alchemist’s Calm Your Farm is designed to promote a relaxed state of mind, perfect for those that struggle with anxiety. With its anxiolytic properties, this synergistic blend of essential oils helps you to cope better with the challenges that life throws your way. 10ml glass amber roll-on bottle.Apply to pulse points such as inner wrists and inhale, as often as required to support emotional wellbeing. During a panic attack, inhalation is recommended. External use only. A patch test prior to use is recommended. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Store below 25°C. Keep out of direct sunlight Adult formulation: not recommended for children under 10 years. Consult a healthcare practitioner if pregnant or breastfeeding.  Kids formulation: for ages two years and over. Ingredients: Adult version: Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, GMO-free Tocopherol, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Benzyl Cinnamate*, Benzyl alcohol*, Benzyl Benzoate*, Benzyl Salicylate*, Linalool*. *from natural essential oils Kids version: Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, GMO-free Tocopherol, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Limonene*, Linalool*. *from natural essential oils..


Ecobubs - Hemp/Cotton Boosters Ecobubs - Hemp/Cotton Boosters

Super thirsty 3 layer Hemp/Cotton inserts Additional boosters for Ecobubs nappies or to use as boosters in any other nappies.Can be used as is, folded in half or trifolded lengthways to provide targeted absorbency.Great for heavy wetters, naps and overnight.High quality 340gsm hemp/cotton fleece.Measure approximately 35cm x 13.5cm. Expect shrinkage of at least 10% when washed...


Ecobubs - Bamboo/Cotton Boosters Ecobubs - Bamboo/Cotton Boosters

Super thirsty 3 layer Bamboo/Organic Cotton inserts Additional boosters for Ecobubs nappies or to use as boosters in any other nappies.Can be used as is, folded in half or trifolded lengthways to provide targeted absorbency.Great for heavy wetters, naps and overnight.High quality 340gsm bamboo/cotton fleece.Measure approximately 35cm x 13.5cm. Expect shrinkage of at least 10% when washed...


Bubblebubs BIG Fitted Nappy

Everything you love about newborn Bambams, only bigger! B.I.Gs (Bambam Is Grown up) are the perfect fitted cloth nappy for your little one to move into once they have grown out of Bambams!B.I.Gs are designed to fit from around 8 - 18kg and are made from super soft and absorbent bamboo cotton terry.The body of the nappy is made from two layers of thick and lush 90% bamboo/10% cotton terry and the separate trifold (approx 25x33cm before washing) is three layers, giving you the ability to tailor the absorbency to exactly where your little one needs it.Securing the nappy with a Snappi gives a perfect fit every time, and being a fitted cloth nappy they do require a water resistant cover over the top. Our PUL gusseted covers are perfect for this.B.I.Gs hold approximately 280g of liquid...


Snappi Nappy Fastener Snappi Nappy Fastener

The BENEFITS of the Snappi include: SAFER THAN PINS – no more pin pricks for baby or parent! RELIABLE – creates a snug fitting nappy to prevent leaks ECONOMICAL – allows for a less expensive cloth nappy system with regular prefold/flat diapers SIMPLE – only one item needed to fasten a nappy, which can be done with one hand EASY to use – allows first time parents and grandparents/carers to fasten nappies with ease.    Directions for Use: STRETCH the Snappi fastener before its first use. The stretching triggers the ‘memory’ of the Snappi to return to its original size, and in doing so, will pull the nappy to the middle to allow for a snug fit. It also makes it more pliable/elastic and therefore easier to use. This is essential for the Snappi to work properly. Holding the nappy in place with one hand, attach the Snappi with the other hand in 3 simple easy steps: Attach/hook left Attach/hook right Pull down and attach/hook centre. In other words, the Snappi fastener should go from a ‘T’ shape to a ‘Y’ shape.   When attaching the Snappi, hold onto the solid part of the tab.  DO NOT pull on the loops. Make sure that the Snappi teeth have gripped properly into the nappy fabric and that it is ATTACHED SECURELY with all 3 arms. The 3 points of tension are important as it is the third arm that will help prevent the Snappi from coming undone. By following these instructions, the Snappi should be secure and the nappy will fit snugly. It is ESSENTIAL to use a cover over the nappy and Snappi fastener. Snappis WORK BEST with terry cloth nappies, prefolds, and any other cloth nappies with a loose enough weave for the Snappi to hook into.  They DO NOT work well with tightly woven nappies, or nappies made from delicate fibres.  They are only recommended for nappies where the nappy fabric is thick enough that the teeth on the grips do not touch baby’s skin...


Best Bottom Insert - Stay Dry

The Best Bottom Stay Dry Insert consists of 4 layers of super thirsty microfibre topped with a super soft no-pill fleece pulling wetness away from baby's bottom keeping them feeling dry. Available in 3 sizes: Small - birth to 6.3kg Medium - 5kg to 10kg Large - 7.2kg to 16kg Despite Best Bottom indicating that the large fits from 7.2kg, we have found it to be quite bulky until about 9kg+. The large is ideally suited when the cover is set to the last rise setting or fully unsnapped - although it does work ok on the smaller rise settings, just isn't as trim.  ..


Rockin Green Classic Rock Rockin Green Classic Rock

Please note you may receive old packaging while we transition to the new branding! The ideal detergent for people with soft to moderate water.  Our gentle yet powerful plant based formula contains no phosphates, optical brighteners, SLS/SLES, parabens, or artificial fragrances, and all our ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic, so it is just as safe for you and your family as it is for the environment.  Comes in a 1.3kg (45oz) pouch, which will do up to 90 loads per bag. Clean rinsing formula leaves nothing behind, and is ideal for sensitive skin.  Even our scents are clean rinsing, so all you are left with is clean, fresh laundry, not harsh irritating chemicals. Highly concentrated and made for all washing machines, including HE. Contains no fillers or dyes, so all you need is a few tablespoons per load.  Baby and kid safe, perfect for washing cloth nappies and other delicate baby clothing. All of our products are cruelty free and vegan, and never tested on animals. The Smashing Watermelon scent captures the essence of sweet, juicy watermelon and will remind you of summer days and smiling faces.  This sugary, bright smell is great for those of you enjoy living on the sweeter side of life! AC/DSea Breeze scent (formally known as Motley Clean) is uplifting, exciting, and invigorating! This clean blend has hints of ocean breeze and fresh linen, it's just like a bottle of sunshine!  Clean-rinsing Lavender Mint Revival scent is an ideal sensitive skin detergent, combining calming lavender and captivating mint perfectly in this special aroma-therapeutic blend. Whether you are washing cloth nappies or freshening your everyday clothes, let your laundry stress just melt away when you open up a bag. The Unscented formula is free of any fragrances, so if you are looking for a highly effective, fragrance free detergent, this is the one for you!     ..


Best Bottom Insert - Hemp/Organic Cotton

The Best Bottom Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert consists of 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece. This insert is so trim you will be able to have your baby wear jeans again! Please note that hemp inserts will shrink slightly during first washings making them consistent with the other insert sizing. Available in 3 sizes: Small - birth to 6.3kg Medium - 5kg to 10kg Large - 7.2kg to 16kg Despite Best Bottom indicating that the large fits from 7.2kg, we have found it to be quite bulky until about 9kg+. The large is ideally suited when the cover is set to the last rise setting or fully unsnapped - although it does work ok on the smaller rise settings, just isn't as trim...


 AppleCheeks Mini Zip  AppleCheeks Mini Zip

The AppleCheeks 23cm x 15cm zippered All-Purpose Storage Sachas many uses! The Mini Zip Storage Sac can be used for:  • Wipes & spray, clean or soiled nappies & swimmers, baby essentials, dummies.  • Art supplies, pencil case, loot bags.  • Small electronics or portable gaming systems. ..

$10.88 $14.50

AppleCheeks Storage Sacs AppleCheeks Storage Sacs

Designed to keep odour and moisture in and preserve a controlled environment for your soiled cloth nappies between washes, AppleCheeks Storage Sacs are available in Size 1. Size 1 is 40cm high/ 28cm wide/ 7.5cm deep and perfect for daily outings. Just throw it in your nappy bag and transport your dirty nappies with ease! These sacs wash up like a dream so just throw them into your washload right along with your cloth nappies, and then hang to dry. What could be easier? Proudly manufactured in Montreal, Canada...

$20.18 $26.90

AppleCheeks Swim Sets AppleCheeks Swim Sets

The set contains a 0-12mths swim shirt and matching size 1 swim nappy.Size 1 fits approximately 7lbs-23lb (3.2-10.5kg)The AppleCheeks swim nappy is the softest on the market, and as they know you LOVE the styling of their Envelope Cover, they translated the design to a product that really works! One layer of fine dernier knit and one layer of 100% polyester Canadian-milled mesh allows water to comfortably move through the nappy while keeping any solids, should they occur at an inopportune time, out of the pool. Their nappy is completely designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, just like the rest of the AppleCheeks™ line. Their signature two-size system with a snap at the waist and an separately adjustable snap at the thigh means your little one is guaranteed a comfortable, long-last fit.AppleCheeks™ Swim Shirts offer a UPF rating of 50+ and provide great protection from harsh sun, and some insulation from cooler temperatures. Quick dry polyester means your baby can transfer from pool to sun effectively...

$40.00 $55.00

Baby Milestone Cards Baby Milestone Cards

Keep track of your little ones’ growth throughout the first year and a bit! Simply take a photo of your little speckle spot with the appropriate milestone card beside them, to remember the moment forever. These cards make for a perfect baby shower gift or as a treat for the expecting mum-to-be. Baby Milestone Cards - A6 size Pack of 54 cards Printed on Recycled Matt Card Individually packaged 54 fun designs printed onto recycled matt card...

$31.20 $39.00

Designer Bums Art Pop PUL Collection Designer Bums Art Pop PUL Collection

**THE NEW MOONSPELL COLLECTION WILL BE AVAILABLE TO ORDER FROM 11AM ON SATURDAY 25TH JULY**Designer Bums Art Pop AI2 nappies are the same signature trim-fit and adorable limited-edition designer prints, but made with a waterproof PUL outer layer for even longer dry periods!Art Pop AI2 have a silky soft suede cloth inner-lining which is a one-way fabric, allowing liquid to pass through and be drawn away, keeping baby's skin dry and comfortable. The PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer layer keeps moisture from leaking through so you don't need an extra cover. Art Pop AI2 nappies each come with a super-thirsty tri-layer bamboo insert made from high-quality, natural bamboo fibres that feature a convenient, rectangular snap in booster plus a large anchor-shaped insert that can be customised to provide a variety of boosting options.  With a pocket opening in the back the nappy, it can be boosted internally as well as laid and snapped on top of the pocket to suit your needs. An additional Trifold insert can be purchased separately to boost for very heavy wetters, longer stretches or to convert for night-time use! Art Pop AI2 Nappies are recommended for daytime or night-time use with different boosting combinations to suit. Day boosted nappies should be changed every 2-4 hours for comfort and hygiene. Designer Bums nappies are known for a nice, snug shape that fit MOST children. The nappies are suitable for use from newborn starting approximately 3.5kg all the way through to toddler toilet training age (approx 15-17+ kilos depending on individual body shape).  At some growth phases particularly with chubby babes, the fit may not be perfect or run a little tight, however as the infant body rapidly changes so does the sizing on the nappy. Not only are Designer Bums simply adorable, but they are great for the environment too! Made with the quality materials and fully Australian owned and Designed!..


Luludew Wipe Bag Sets Luludew Wipe Bag Sets

Luludew’s cloth wipes sets are the perfect accessory for parents on the go. These rainbow colored, 1 ply flannel wipes are soft to the touch, versatile, and thick enough for any job. Place wet wipes inside the zippered wet pouch for quick access to wipes for sticky fingers, face, or baby’s bum. This wipe set includes: zippered pillow wet bag,  12-pack wipes...


Ecobubs Essentials One-Size Nappy - Natural Lining V2 Ecobubs Essentials One-Size Nappy - Natural Lining V2

Our Version 2 Ecobubs Essentials no longer has the hip snap, so fits bigger babies for longer!If you prefer the hip snap, we can add them for you!  Features: One-size nappy fits from 4kg to 16kg.Great prints and rainbow colours.Natural bamboo/organic cotton lining for extra absorbency or synthetic microfleece stay-dry lining to keep baby feeling dry. All-in-Two nappy with snap-in inserts and also a front opening pocket to add extra absorbency as needed. Front snapping with 2 rows of snaps for a great fit around the waist and legs 2 thirsty snap-in bamboo/organic cotton inserts included; one large, one small. Use the small when the rise is snapped down, the large as your baby grows/wetting increases and both together for heavy wetters, long naps or overnight. The small insert also fits in the Ecobubs Essentials Poppet nappy to give you more absorbency in the newborn nappy, and the newborn insert can be used as a booster in the one-size nappy.Choose whether you want a standard bamboo/organic cotton insert set or a microfleece topped set. "Wrap and Snap" system - when soiled, roll up and snap the wings together using the crossover snap to create a tidy little package. Great when out and about.Designed in NZ. Ethically made in China.Ecobubs Essentials are also available in bundles and bulk packs - please see Value Packs.Please note: The image for "Daisy" shows a hip snap, but the nappy will come without, unless you request one...


BBH Night Nappy BBH Night Nappy

If your baby is a heavy wetter and you need a heavy duty nappy to cope with the long night hours, we’re sure they'll love these specifically designed night time nappies. They truly offer incredible absorbency, with up to 23 layers of bamboo fleece right in the wet zone where it is needed most!  As this nappy is a fitted nappy, the whole nappy is absorbent, and therefore a cover is required over the top to keep baby’s clothing and bedding dry.  Have a look at our range of wool, fleece and PUL covers. Made from luscious bamboo fleece, with an outer layer of velvety organic cotton velour and an inner lining of buttery soft microfleece, your baby will sleep comfortably with a dry bum.  Baby BeeHinds Night Nappies fasten at the side using great quality resin snaps.  Side snapping nappies are great as they allow babies who have chubby or lean thighs alike to get a perfect fit.  The waist and leg settings can be fastened independently, so if baby has a little waist but big thighs- that’s okay- this nappy can still provide a beautiful fit! Features: Fitted design  (cover required) Soaker pad snaps out for better cleaning and faster drying time. Sized small, medium and large to allow best fit Certified Organic Cotton / Polyester outer (soft, velvety velour fabric), micro-fleece inner (soft, and 'stay-dry' to draw wetness away from baby's skin) with soaker pad made from bamboo fleece (60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester) topped with microfleece. Resin snap closure- side snaps allow independent fastening at waist and thigh Sizing: Medium - 5kg-11kg Large - 10kg-16kg..